The Difference Between Clothing From Outlet Stores And Department Stores – Quality, Styles, Pricing Etc…

difference between outlet stores and department stores

Many people looking to start their businesses and offer authentic designer clothing, compare the pricing of department stores’ wholesale merchandise lots that wholesalers offer, to the pricing of merchandise that outlet stores offer. But, what many people don’t consider or don’t understand is that there are many differences between the merchandise offered at these two completely different types of stores.


Of course, considering that outlet stores usually belong to specific brands and that they target the end consumer directly, they will provide the opportunity of picking and choosing the exact items you would like to buy. But, it has been proven that generally, items offered at outlets stores were made specifically and intentionally for outlets stores, and because they were meant to be offered at lower prices to begin with, these items don’t go through the same quality standards process as items meant to be sold at department stores in high end malls.


As mentioned previously, because many brands are manufacturing separate items for outlet and department stores, there is also a difference on the styles of clothing offered in these locations. There are certain special editions or collections that can only be found at department stores. Consequently as much as you search for these styles at outlet stores, you will not find them, but you will be able to find many of them within department stores’ wholesale overstock and closeout lots.


The pricing at outlet stores is meant to be low. Companies already know that consumers going to outlet stores are hunting for deals. So, to make customers happy, that is exactly what the brands want to portray, but in reality oftentimes they are simply offering items that also cost them less to make.

On the other hand, when obtaining wholesale clothing from department stores’ overstock and closeout lots, you are obtaining the quality, the styles and collections offered at high-end malls, for low wholesale pricing (often lower than outlet stores), and in bulk quantities.

In conclusion, you are not comparing apples to apples when comparing merchandise from department stores and outlet stores. If your goal is to resell the merchandise you obtain, even though you have more possibility of choosing the items at outlet stores, you will end up spending a lot of time searching for deals, instead of working to grow your business.

Contact us for more information on the wholesale designer clothing we offer, obtained directly from department stores’overstock and closeout lots.

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