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DNC Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of designer liquidation merchandise.

We supply individuals and businesses with overstock and closeout products.


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Know more about the quality products we supply, ranging from wholesale clothing to accessories. Count on a constant supply of original wholesale merchandise from designer brands, obtained from department stores’ and distributors’ overstock and closeouts.

More information on the wholesale merchandise offered, the purchasing process, and details on payment and shipping options available. Comprehend how the purchasing process works, so you may begin acquiring the brand name items we offer.

Advice, tips and ideas on working with and reselling the designer brand liquidation lots we offer. Understand more about the wholesale overstock and closeout merchandise industry, so you can make a successful business reselling these liquidation products.

Products For Every Business

The merchandise we supply is great for reselling at flea markets, swap meets, discount retail stores, online ecommerce stores, and ebay. Resell designer merchandise, at your own pace by taking advantage of our specials, and smaller minimum order quantities.

Offers With Manifests

Make a wise investment by knowing the exact merchandise you will receive in your order. Choose the department store closeout and customer returns lots you prefer, or pick the exact items you want from specific designer brands’ wholesale overstock and closeout offers.

Shipping Options

Decide if you want take advantage of our worldwide discounted shipping rates, prefer to arrange the shipping of your order, or pickup your order yourself. Before you place your order, simply let us know which option you prefer.


Wholesale Cosmetics

Eyes - Face - Lips

We only work with reputable and reliable sources, to offer our customers a constant supply of authentic wholesale designer merchandise.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. We will always strive to meet any special requests and provide descriptive information, including detailed manifests of available offers.

All of our closeout lots are priced so that our customers have an ample profit margin when reselling the merchandise we offer, regardless of the quantity they acquire.

We provide customers the possibility of obtaining smaller wholesale quantities of liquidation merchandise. These smaller lots and offers provide customers the opportunity to obtain wholesale products without having to make a large investment.

In order to give our customers more control over the products they order, we offer the exact categories the department stores offer us. As you may notice on our products page, there are over 30 different assorted lot categories of merchandise available from department stores.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, when possible, we provide customers the possibility of choosing the items included in their orders, or the option to choose the lot they prefer by reviewing the manifest lists of the lots available from department stores. This provides our customers the most control and information possible regarding the merchandise they will be obtaining.

Working with DNC Wholesale on our first order went very smoothly, and we were very impressed with the merchandise. Our customers love the products…
I have not had time to write, but I wanted to tell you that I really liked the items that were sent to me a lot. Hopefully I’ll be making another order of clothing soon…

Wholesale supplier and distributor of overstock, shelf pulls, and closeout merchandise. We supply authentic designer clothing and other liquidation merchandise to businesses and individuals.

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