Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping quotes depend on the weight and size of the merchandise being ordered, and also the distance to where it will be shipped to.

To provide our customers with an accurate shipping quote and transit time, we would need to know which specific offer from our products page they would like to obtain, the quantity they would like to order, and also the exact shipping address.

If you already have this information simply contact us, so we may obtain a shipping quote for your order.

Yes. We work with many freight forwarding companies and trustworthy carriers who are experienced in world-wide exporting and that are able to ship the wholesale merchandise we offer all over the world to our customers.

We only count on reliable shipping companies, which also assist with the import process and any documentation required.

For more information on international shipping, please click here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free shipping. This is due to the fact that shipping quotes will be different for every order, as they depend on the weight and size of the merchandise being shipped, and also the distance to where it will be shipped to.

Customers are always welcome to arrange the shipping for their orders. If they have a shipping company they prefer to use, or are able to pickup their orders themselves, they are welcome to do so.

We would simply let them know once their order has been processed and is ready for pickup, so they can schedule the pickup.

Technically, yes, we do drop ship. If your customers also purchase in bulk, we can always ship your order directly to them. But, unfortunately because we are wholesalers and work with large quantities of merchandise sold in bulk, we wouldn’t be able to ship individual items to separate customers.

On the other hand, we have our lots that are in special (listed on our specials page), which are usually the smallest lots we have available. These lots provide new customers the opportunity to obtain our products without having to make a large investment.

The packaging or shipping method used to ship an order, depends on the type of merchandise and quantity of items being shipped. Smaller orders are usually shipped in shipping boxes, while larger orders may need to be organized and shipped on pallets.

For more detailed information on the usual shipping methods and packaging used, please click here.




Men's Casual Clothing

30 pieces
only $15.00 per piece


A variety of designer brands may be included, such as: Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Nautica, North Face, and Many More.
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Wholesale supplier and distributor of overstock, shelf pulls, and closeout merchandise. We supply authentic designer clothing and other liquidation merchandise to businesses and individuals.

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