Shipping Internationally

Shipping Internationally

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. International shipping can be somewhat tricky, but DNC Wholesale works with many freight forwarding companies and trustworthy carriers who are experienced in world-wide exporting and that are able to ship the wholesale merchandise we offer all over the world to our customers. We only count on reliable shipping companies, which also assist with the import process and any documentation required.

Shipping quotes depend on the weight and size of the merchandise being ordered, and also the distance to where it will be shipped to.

To provide our customers with an accurate shipping quote and transit time, we would need to know which specific offer from our products page they would like to obtain, the quantity they would like to order, and also the exact shipping address.

If you already have this information simply contact us, so we may obtain a shipping quote for your order.

In most countries it is normal for customs to charge import duties and taxes on international shipments. But, because custom fees and laws are different in each country, and depend on the value and type of merchandise being imported, unfortunately neither we nor the shipping companies would know if any taxes would apply, or how much they may be.

To get more information, if any custom fees would apply to your order please contact your local customs authorities.

In the vast majority of cases, international shipping quotes DO NOT include any customs fees, import duties or sales tax (GST or VAT), because custom fees and laws are different in each country. Customs fees depend on the value, the type and the quantity of the merchandise being shipped. If any fees are due, it’s the customer’s responsibility to pay these fees upon receipt of the merchandise.

Most of the merchandise we offer are closeouts and overstock from large retailers or distributors. Depending on the merchandise or quantity ordered, we may be unable to provide detailed manifests and information on the country of origins of the items.

Generally this does not cause any problems or delays at customs, however in rare occasions clearing customs in some countries without this information can be complicated. DNC Wholesale does not and cannot control that aspect of the sale.

We export thousands of wholesale items on a weekly basis, and normally orders clear customs with no problems. Keep in mind though, that some countries may have restrictions on specific types of merchandise, or prohibit the importation of certain brands into the country, other than from an authorized importer.

DNC Wholesale cannot follow up on each country’s continuously changing import laws and for this reason, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be informed of any particular restrictions. DNC Wholesale cannot be held responsible for merchandise seized or refused at customs as a result of regulations or laws pertaining to the country of destination. Please contact your local customs office prior to placing your order to make sure the products purchased can be imported without restrictions.




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Wholesale supplier and distributor of overstock, shelf pulls, and closeout merchandise. We supply authentic designer clothing and other liquidation merchandise to businesses and individuals.

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