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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of wholesale products, like clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and more. Most of the products we offer are overstock and closeouts obtained from distributors and department stores. The large majority of these merchandise offers are constantly available, and most are listed on our products page.

Because we are constantly expanding the inventory of wholesale merchandise we offer, the best way to find out more about our offers, is by emailing our Sales Office at [email protected].

You are also welcome to join our mailing list, which we always use to keep our customers updated on new offers, and special promotions with hefty discounts. Sign up to receive updates on new offers and discounts here.

Yes, all the products we offer are authentic/original. The liquidation merchandise we offer is obtained in large quantities directly from legitimate sources such as major department stores and authorized distributors. We do not offer replicas or counterfeit products.

There are two main types of offers: Overstock offers from distributors, and closeout lots from department stores, and they are priced differently.

Overstock offers from distributors usually consist of offers from one specific brand, and allow customers to choose the exact items, and the quantities of each item that they would like to acquire. Because there is the option of choosing specific items for these offers, each item is individually priced.

Closeout lots from department stores consist of an assortment of brands and styles, and are only separated into categories. Each lot category usually contains a group of brands and styles, but for these offers there isn’t the possibility of choosing the exact items each lot contains, as they already come mixed from department stores. Because of this, the price for these lots is a fixed price per unit, which only varies depending on the lot category and quantity of items the customer would like to obtain.

Most of the prices for these offers are listed on our site, but feel free to email our Sales Office at [email protected] for more details on pricing, and on the brands and styles included in the closeout lots we offer.

For small orders, manifest/packing lists from previous large lots we obtained from the department stores serve as the best example of what brands and styles can usually be found in each lot category. But, if a customer were to order a large quantity, we may be able to provide an exact manifest/packing list of the items included in the assorted lot the customer is ordering.

To explain, the minimum quantity of merchandise we can acquire from department stores for most lot categories is usually a pallet containing approximately 500 assorted items. When we acquire these lots, the department stores provide us with a manifest/packing list of the items the lot includes.

If a customer were to order a quantity of 500 items of a specific offer/lot category, (once the order and payment are confirmed) we would acquire a new lot from the department store to fulfill the order, and would be able to provide the customer with the manifest/packing lists of the lots available for the customer to choose which list they prefer. This way, we can guarantee the customers’ satisfaction, as they will know the exact items that will be included in their order, as they would be choosing the lot/list they prefer.

On the other hand, to provide our customers with smaller lots, the larger lots are separated proportionally in sizes, brands, and styles according to what we receive from the department stores. Unfortunately though, we don’t have the capacity of creating an exact list of the items included in smaller orders when we separate these larger lots.

If there are any lot categories for which you would like example manifest/packing lists, simply contact us, and let us know what lot categories interest you, so we may send them to you.

Yes. We have several offers for which we can provide small quantities to our customers. Not all of our offers require large quantities to be purchased, but because we are wholesalers, there are minimum quantity requirements for every offer.

The minimum quantity requirements for each offer is listed under each offer’s description, and can be verified by emailing us at [email protected].

Unfortunately though, we are unable to offer less than the minimum quantities listed for each lot category. Also, smaller quantities would not accurately represent the variety of brands and styles these lots contain.

Please also see our current specials, which usually consist of smaller sample lots available.

To place an order with DNC Wholesale simply contact us and let us know what lots/offers from our products page interest you and the quantities you would like to order, and provide us with your complete shipping address, so we may obtain an accurate shipping quote for your order.

The processing time frame of an order depends on the merchandise and the quantities purchased. If it’s a small quantity and we have it in stock, it usually takes 2-4 business days to process and ship out an order, after the customer’s order and payment are confirmed.

Now, if a customer orders a large quantity or if many orders are placed for a specific lot category, we may need to obtain more merchandise of that lot category from the department store or distributor to fulfill the order. This process can take up to an additional 4-7 business days. In total, for most offers, the most it should take is about 7-10 business days to process and ship an order.

If this were the case, we would notify the customer constantly on the status of their order, every step of the way. Also, keep in mind that processing times for orders do not include shipping transit times, which depend on innumerable factors.

We work mostly with orders placed online, but if customers feel more comfortable in working with us by visiting us personally, they are welcome to do so.

Our offices are located in Pompano Beach, FL, which is also where we have a showroom. But, in order to dedicate the necessary time to answer all of our customers’ questions, visits are made by appointment only. If a customer decides to visit us, they are welcome to call us at: (954) 300-1855, or send us an email and let us know what date and time they plan on visiting us, so we may setup an appointment.

Customers are welcome to place their orders while visiting us. But, we do not have orders ready, that a customer can simply take with them on their first visit. We only begin processing our customers’ orders once their payments are confirmed, as every customer may choose to order different quantities of different lot categories.

For more information contact us.

Unfortunately we are unable to send free samples to customers. Also, one single item would not accurately represent the variety of brands and styles these closeout lots contain.

The closest thing we have to “samples” are our lots that are listed on our specials page, which are usually the smallest lots we have available. These lots provide new customers the opportunity to obtain our products without having to make a large investment.

We offer discounts for most offers, when customers order more than the minimum quantity available. On our products page, most offers already have discounted pricing listed under each offer.

If you are planning on ordering even larger quantities, we would be glad to see what additional discounts we would be able to offer. But, first we would need you to define which offers/lot categories you would like to order and the quantities of each, so we may provide you with more accurate information.

Please keep in mind that because we are wholesalers of large quantities of wholesale merchandise, and we understand that our customers will still have to sell these items, we already provide low prices on all our merchandise lots.




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Wholesale supplier and distributor of overstock, shelf pulls, and closeout merchandise. We supply authentic designer clothing and other liquidation merchandise to businesses and individuals.

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