How DNC Wholesale Is Different From Other Merchandise Wholesalers And Liquidators


How DNC Wholesale Is Different From Other Merchandise Wholesalers And Liquidators

The biggest difference between DNC Wholesale and its competitors is not just on the merchandise offered. Several wholesalers offer similar merchandise from various high-end department stores. Truly, the biggest difference is in the quality of customer service we strive to provide and the meticulous method we process our customers’ orders, to make sure they are satisfied with the merchandise they receive.

Smaller Quantities

One of the advantages DNC Wholesale provides to their customers is the possibility of obtaining smaller wholesale quantities of merchandise, making this merchandise not only accessible to large business owners, but also to customers starting their businesses. Ultimately, these smaller lots provide new customers the opportunity to obtain wholesale products without having to make a large investment.

To explain in more detail, most merchandise lots from department stores usually contain 300-500 assorted clothing items or 150-200 pairs of shoes. Many merchandise liquidators only offer wholesale merchandise by full pallets, obligating customers to purchases hundreds of items at a time as a minimum.

On the other hand, we at DNC Wholesale understand that many times customers have a limited amount of capital to invest, or prefer to make a smaller purchase to try the products and service, prior to ordering large quantities of merchandise. For this reason, instead of only offering such large quantities, we give customers the possibility of determining the exact quantity of units they would like to obtain from each lot category we offer. Of course, because we are wholesalers there are minimum quantities per lot category, but we also offer quite a few specials where customers can order a small quantity starting from only 30 units.

Quality Merchandise

Many people are not aware that most department stores consider that it is normal to find up to 5% of items with imperfections within shelf pulls and closeouts lots. Usually the number of items with imperfections within a closeout lot is lower than 5%, and the imperfections found on those items are minimal, but the number of items with imperfections can vary from one lot to the next.

Most wholesalers do not inform customers in regards to the possibility of finding imperfect items in closeout lots. Moreover, many liquidators simply repackage the merchandise they receive from department stores without checking it and ship the merchandise to their customers, eventually shipping imperfect and damaged goods.

In contrast, at DNC Wholesale we make sure to inspect all the merchandise we receive from department stores and suppliers prior to shipping the merchandise to our customers. If any items with imperfections are found within the closeout and overstock lots we obtain from department stores, they are not included in our customers’ orders. This is done in order to ensure that our customers only receive merchandise in good condition that they can resell.

More Control Over Your Order

Even though merchandise from department stores in general will always contain an assortment of different brands and styles, there are a few department stores that separate their merchandise into more specific lot categories.

It is known that many wholesalers mix merchandise from different categories in order to claim that they offer lower prices. However, in the end, this is an illusive practice, as they are actually mixing inferior products and brands, of lower quality and retail value into these lots. By doing this they also take away from customers the opportunity of choosing more specifically the styles and brands they would like to obtain.

In order to give our customers more control over the products they order, we offer the exact categories the department stores offer us. As you may notice on our products page on, there are over 30 different lot categories of merchandise available. There are at least four different lot categories available just for Men’s Clothing, another five for Women’s Clothing, four more for Women’s Shoes, etc… Each type of merchandise (clothing, shoes, handbags…) is separated into different lot categories, and each lot category usually contains a certain group of brands and styles that is commonly found in that lot category.

Manifests Available

Some department stores not only separate their closeout merchandise into different lot categories, but they also provide manifests for each lot they prepare. Manifests are similar to packing lists, detailing the specifics of each item included in a lot. Although, as mentioned previously, these closeout lots will always contain an assortment of brands and styles, manifests provide detailed information of items found within a lot. These lists show the brand name, the description, size, color, original retail value, and many times even have links to see the pictures of many of the items included.

Wholesalers generally have lots in their warehouses, where customers can visit and “see” the merchandise they are acquiring, but they do not offer customers manifest lists. In reality though, because these lots contain hundreds of items, customers are only able to see the top 20-30 items, and are not be able to check how many items of each brand or style would be included.

We at DNC Wholesale prefer rather to not have too many lots sitting in our warehouse, in order to offer our customers the possibility of choosing the lots they prefer to acquire, directly from department stores. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, when our customers are able to obtain a lot of 300-500 pieces of clothing or more from a specific lot category, we allow our customers to choose the manifest list they prefer, from the lots available from department stores. This provides our customers the most control and information possible regarding the merchandise they will be obtaining.

Latest Styles Available

On another note, the reason we prefer to not have too many lots sitting in our warehouse, is not only that we are able to provide our customers with manifest lists, but also that the items included in the lots we offer were only recently removed from department stores.

Our competitors on the other hand, may have several lots in their warehouse, ready to ship to customers, but the lots are possibly sitting in their warehouses for weeks and months, and may contain older, out of season styles.

Special Requests

Many of our customers have informed us that other wholesalers do not offer any assistance, and seem to simply want to push their merchandise. Special requests are commonly denied, as these liquidators are generally only interested in selling merchandise as-is.

Because DNC Wholesale’s main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, we strive to provide the best customer service. If customers have special requests like obtaining mostly summer clothing or winter clothing, or want mostly larger or smaller sizes in their order, even though we cannot guarantee the exact quantities of each size or style that each lot will contain (as they already come assorted from department stores), we will strive to separate mostly these styles/sizes in our customers’ orders.

In conclusion, we at DNC Wholesale understand that every business is different, and every customer has different needs. To comply with these needs, we go the extra mile to offer our customers as much information as possible on the assorted merchandise lots we offer, and make sure we only offer quality designer merchandise. In addition, we strive to observe any special requests, so every one of our customers is satisfied with their purchase, and does well reselling the wholesale designer clothing and merchandise we offer.

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