Product Conditions: Irregulars

Irregular merchandise usually consists of new goods that are being discarded or liquidated as a result of improper or minimal defective manufacturing. They are sometimes also called “imperfect goods.”

In most cases, irregular items have very small manufacturing defects such as the wrong color thread, improper stitching, slight discoloration from the manufacturer’s intended item’s color or other minor barely noticeable blemishes.

Irregular items in some cases have never been packed in retail packaging if they are liquidated before making it to their retail or wholesale distributor.

Most Irregular lots may have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Appear in new condition with no signs of prior use.
  • In or out of original factory packaging.
  • May show signs of manufacturing defects (improper stitching, etc.).
  • May show small blemishes that occurred during manufacturing.

We at DNC Wholesale work mostly with Overstock and Closeouts/Shelf Pulls lots, but if requested we are able to obtain items in all the conditions mentioned. All of our lots shown on the Products page are in Overstock/Shelf Pulls condition, unless otherwise stated.




Men's Casual Clothing

30 pieces
only $14.00 per piece


A variety of designer brands may be included, such as: ​Polo Ralph Lauren, ​Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Nautica, North Face, and Many More.
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Wholesale supplier and distributor of overstock, shelf pulls, and closeout merchandise. We supply authentic designer clothing and other liquidation merchandise to businesses and individuals.

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