Product Conditions: Pre-Worn

DNC Wholesale offers a wide range of pre-worn (used) clothing. This merchandise comes from a range of sources and are available year-round.

Our pre-worn merchandise goes through a strict inspection process to ensure quality and offer tremendous value for money in the right market.

Most Pre-Worn lots may have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Usual signs that clothing has previously been used or worn.
  • Lots may contain discontinued brands, models or styles.
  • All buttons and zippers are there and in working order.
  • Typically there are no retail tags or store markings on the items.

We at DNC Wholesale work mostly with Overstock and Closeouts/Shelf Pulls lots, but if requested we are able to obtain items in all the conditions mentioned. All of our lots shown on the Products page are in Overstock/Shelf Pulls condition, unless otherwise stated.




Men's Casual Clothing

30 pieces
only $14.00 per piece


A variety of designer brands may be included, such as: ​Polo Ralph Lauren, ​Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Nautica, North Face, and Many More.
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